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Patricia & Nuno

The 2015 wedding season is not over yet, but I can already say that this wedding was very special for me as a professional and you will understand why in the images I have to show you!
Patricia first contacted me through  facebook and said she was was completely lost and didn’t know where to start. We set up a meeting and was love at first sight. Our conversation was so relaxed that I didn’t even feel time passing…
We set up another meeting afterwards, since for the first one Nuno was away on a business trip. I always think it is important to connect and understand both the bride’s and the groom’s styles. The second meeting help me a lot to define the path I would take to chose and select the suppliers. Nuno revealed himself to be a person with an eye for details and he wanted a remarkable wedding as it turned out to be!!
Patricia was a sweet and calm bride. It didn’t even seem that she was going to get marry. That how calm she was in the days we were together during the planning stage. It was very relaxed to guide her and our get together were great!
I was impressed with Patricia’s education, sweetness and ability to be grateful. This beautiful young lady on the outside and on the inside expressed her thanks in her speech to all the professionals that were part of the wedding and did not forget anyone!
The wedding took place on June 13th, 2015 (Saint Anthony day) at the Paderne church. Everyone participating arrived on time to receive my notes and Pati was a very punctual bride. She was not even a minute late!


O noivo super elegante.
Bride and Groom were gorgeous, the parade went smootly and the bride entrance with her father as the quartet playing was just so perfect (I still get the chills just from thinking about it)…
The party was unbelivable for several reasons. For me it was special to spend the first hours of my birthday with such a sweet couple, their family and guests. It was the best present I could have received this year as Wedding Planner!


The party took place in Bovino restaurant, located at Quinta do Lago, Almancil. Coordinating this day was amazing and when you work alongside a professional and competent waiters it becomes easier to coordinate all the timings!
The food was excellent and I definitely recommend the beef which was very soft. Many thanks to Bovino’s chef!
But the most remarkable moment for me during the party was cuting the cake during the fireworks that went on for quite some time! I almost felt I was at Copacabana beach during New Year eve. ihihihihihihih
 Last guidelines for the great entrance of the bride!
It was already dawn when I went to say goodbye from my dearest Pati and Nuno. I was surprised as they were the first to congratulate me on my birthday! Ownnnnnn, such emotion!
The most gratifying part of my work as wedding planner is to receive this kind of acknowledgment from my clients! They are so sweet!
My team and I during the ceremony

I take the opportunity to thank Suzy Vieira and Duarte for the photographic and video record of this wedding. I also thank my team for they 5 star work and to the other professionals working on the wedding and to Bovino’s restaurant staff I thank them for their cooperation and professionalism. 🙂


 Mesa do Staff
But my big thank goes to Patricia and Nuno, for the unforgettable moments we spent together. From start to finish this was definitely a Do Pedido ao Altar wedding!!

I am a very lucky wedding planner, right?? 😉

Since you always ask, my make up was done by the super professional Marisa Rosendo,

I wish you a lot of hapiness!! Love you!


Organização do Casamento/Wedding Planner: Bianca Oliveira by Do Pedido ao Altar

Coordenação e assessoria aos noivos/Day of Wedding Coordinator:Do Pedido ao Altar

Cerimónia/Ceremony: Igreja matriz de Paderne

Local/Reception Venue: Bovino Steakhouse

Fotografia/Photography: Suzy Vieira 

Créditos imagens do post: Suzy Vieira Wedding Photography