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Isabelle & André

Good morning!
Today I am going to tell you the details of Isabelle and André’s wedding. A sweet, relaxed and unbelievably nice couple. The wedding took place saturday September 27th, 2014.
The bride, Isabelle, contacted me in July 2013 and our first meeting happen in August that same year during her holidays with her family in Portugal. The meeting with the couple and the bride’s parents was wonderful and we were in sync. The parents were lovely and they enjoyed participating in the conversation.
Isabelle e André are Brazilian and they chose as Destination Wedding, the charming city of Lisbon, Portugal.
Due to the fact that they contacted me well in advance I had enough time to calmly organize the whole wedding way in advance, to get to know the prospective suppliers and chose all the ones that fit the couple’s profile.
To tell the truth, Isabelle was a sensational bride:: joyful, calm and very sweet. I had never seen a bride so calm!!!
The couple trusted from the beginning in my work which made the complete development of the project so much easier!!
I was quite anxious at the big day for obvious reasons! After all, the couple and guests were from my country, Brazil, which get us more emotionally involved with the arrangements. But I pray and ask God for everything to be successful! Only those who work in the business of organizing events understands how much a Wedding planner feels and how much she gets emotionally evolved with the all the logistics of a wedding and the bonds one establishes with the couples and relatives. It is not just a job, is the will to be a friend, to support and to be emotionally evolved observing a dream coming true!!! Yes, it is a work that requires a lot of dedication, responsibility and love!! I love it!!!

Pris, a member of my team and I

The church  chosen by the couple was Santo António church in Lisbon, gorgeous!
Everyone participating in the parade, parents, godparents, children, etc. arrived well on time to receive my latest guidelines. Guests and relatives were all very charming and the men got even more charming after adding a flower to their suits. 🙂
The bride was so secure and looked like a princess, with a big smile in her face!!!
Not even the rain ruin the ceremony, everyone were very happy throwing petals and the traditional rice.


The party took place at a luxury and very beautiful hotel in Lisbon. The food, the deserts and the couple cake not only did they have an excelent aspect as they were extremely tasty. I take the chance to leave a sincere thanks to the hotel management, for the very nice way they received my team and I, and how they left me completely at ease to direct the whole protocol according to Brazilian traditions.
The party was very joyful, the couple danced a lot and the guest were in a excellent mood. The party included a 50, 60 and 70s tribute band, unforgettable!!!!!
Thank you to all the colleagues and suppliers that worked with me in this event, it was a big success!
I am waiting for the official photos from the wedding but for now, I leave you with the photos I took from my
Dear Belle and And´r, I love you both! I wish you a lot of happiness!!!!

Organização do Casamento/Wedding Organization: Bianca Oliveira – {Do Pedido ao Altar}

Projeto de decoração cerimónia/Design decoration ceremony: Bianca Oliveira – {Do Pedido ao Altar}

Coordenação e assessoria aos noivos dia do casamento/Day of Wedding CoordinatorBianca Oliveira – {Do Pedido ao Altar} 

Cerimónia/Ceremony: Igreja de Santo António

Local/Reception Venue: Lapa Palace

Vestido da noiva/Wedding dress: Pronovias

Fotografia e Videofilmagem/Photography and Video: Ctrl + N | Produções