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Ilana & Marcelo

Ilana e Marcelo exchanged vows in great style, accompanied by very special people.

You know the kind of couple that people love? People love them so much that the 248 guest made every effort to travel from Brasil to Portugal to witness their great moment, full of meaning.

The day before the ceremony there was a pre-wedding! To start up the engines, the couple offered their guests a full boat tour with lunch in a private beach where they could enjoy the charming beaches from Algarve and their rocky cliffs accompanied by good music!!!

The bride was introduced us at Do Pedido ao Altar by the photographer Miguel Rosenstok from the Boris The Cat company right from the start. Miguel recognizes why it is so important for the bride to have an experienced wedding planner to ensure the success of the event. Someone that speaks the same language as the couple, that understands the culture, traditions and preferences.

It was a beautiful Jewish outdoor ceremony followed by a lively and happy wedding reception.

Ilana and Marcelo, congratulations for celebrating with so much care and personality.

For us at Do Pedido ao Altar, with was with great pleasure that we organized your pre-wedding and wedding day!

Mazel Tov!