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Event Planner & Event Designer

A well organized party is synonym with success. We at Do Pedido do Altar advisory & design make sure everything runs smooth and natural and do not allow the formality, protocol and sequence of events get in the way of yours or your guests's enjoyment and joy.


Support and consultancy from the first contact to the wedding day

Do Pedido ao Altar has four basic packages for your wedding but we welcome your contact to to prepare a personalized pack if you so wish.

  • Initial meeting to get to know the couple and the style of the wedding (this meeting can be done through Skype, if the couple is not living in Portugal)
  • Second meeting with the couple in the week of the wedding to discuss the details and schedule of the event and to clear away any doubts;
  • Conception, planning, organization and production of the ceremony and party;
  • Budget management;
  • Selection, contact and management of all suppliers: venue, catering, photography and video, make up and hair stylist, DJ, band, guest transportation, renting of accessories, furniture and any other services;
  • Stationary design with special prices for our clients;
  • Decoration and design of the ceremony and party;
  • Technical visit before the wedding to study the dimensions of the venues if it´s necessary;
  • Styling advice;
  • Wedding day management and assistance;
  • Paying supliers (optional);
  • Tables and seating planning;
  • Wedding website (optional);
  • Assistance to the couple during the complete stage of planning by phone, email, skype and social networks.

Recommended for couples not living in Portugal or that cannot dedicate much time to the search for venues and suppliers and require professional assistance from start to end. The service starts about 1 year before the wedding date. The sooner the service starts the better, since there are many details to be handled in advance in this full service.

  • Initial meeting to get to know the couple and the style of the wedding (this meeting can be done through Skype, if the couple is not living in Portugal)
  • Technical visits before the wedding to study the dimensions of the venues;
  • Decoration and design of the ceremony and party;
  • Selection of furniture, flowers and other accessories necessary to turn the concept into reality;
  • Conception of the floral design to match the decoration concept;
  • Set-up and execution of the agreed design/styling by Do Pedido ao Altar team.

Recommended for couples who prefer to organize their own wedding but want the help of a professional event decorator. In this package the focus is on the decorating services.

  • Initial meeting to get to know the couple and the style of the wedding (this meeting can be done through Skype, if the couple is not living in Portugal)
  • In the week of the event: checking with all suppliers to define the schedule and to provide assistance;
  • Organizing the procession at the ceremony and attention to all details;
  • Check in the week of the event the delivery times, arrival / assembly times and responsible for the teams that will act in the event;
  • Receiving guests and family at the ceremony and wedding reception;
  • Guide and create, in partnership with the bride and groom, the itinerary / timings of the event;
  • Coordination and organization of all the stages of the wedding day: photo sessions, greetings, speeches, couple’s first dance, time to throw the bouquet, etc. ;
  • Distributing gifts and making sure all guests live a message to the couple in the guest book;
  • Wedding Planner and assistant(s) according to the number of guests;
  • Includes 2h of work at the ceremony + 6 h at the reception (a total of 8h).

Recommended for couples that want a Wedding Planner at the day of the wedding to make sure everything goes perfectly. The service starts two months before the wedding date, so that the Wedding Planner can confirm all the details previously arranged by the couple. In the package, the team from Do Pedido ao Altar will manage the schedule at the wedding day and assist the other professionals and suppliers hired by the couple.

  • Full organization of the event, coordination and suggestion of suppliers and services;
  • Exclusive wedding venues;
  • Marriage Officiant (optional);
  • Lunch or dinner organization for the couple;
  • Personalized ceremony decoration;
  • Make up and hair dress for the bride (optional);
  • Bride’s bouquet (optional);
  • Hotel and transport suggestions for the couple.

Elopement wedding is perfect for couples that wish a simple and intimate moment, just among themselves or among very few selected guests to make their union formal but without leving behind some traditions like the bride’s dress, the exchange of wedding rings, the vows, bouquet and photos.

Destination Weddings

Dream wedding in a dream location

In Portugal

     Do Pedido ao Altar provides unforgettable moments to couple who choose Portugal as a place for the most important day of their lives.

    Be enchanted with the portuguese hospitality, cultural heritage, landscape and delicious and multifaceted food combined with exceptional services.

   The task of choosing the venue and plan an event of this complexity in a foreign country is a difficult task. A local and experienced wedding planner can be invaluable to help you plan one of the most important days of your life.

    Bianca Oliveira and her team will provide you with suggestions that match your budget and dreams. They work with the best suppliers, products and local services with competitive prices.

    The goal is to make THE day into something unforgettable for both the couple and the guests. All aspects of your wedding such as venue, catering, graphics, flowers, photos and video, decoration and others will be taken cared of to allow to enjoy your day without worries.

Other Events

Do Pedido ao Altar also organizes baptisms, baby showers, birthdays, bachelor(ette) parties and Silver and Gold wedding anniversaries.

Organize events is not as simple or easy as one might think. Understand the person’s dreams and make them come true is a task few are able to accomplish.

Bianca Oliveira and the theam at Do Pedido ao Altar provide their clients security, experience, taste, responsibility, professionalism.  joy and the willingness to make a dream com true!

You need to understand your clientes deeply, understand that each has their characteristics and that each event is unique and personal. Supporting the client in the months before the party is the key to the success! Our goal at Do Pedido ao Altar will always be to achieve perfection and make sure our clients feel satisfied and happy with their events!

Do Pedido ao Altar organizes weddings but also baptisms, baby showers, birthdays, renew of the vows, corporate events and bachelor(ette) parties.