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Flávia’s 15th Anniversary Party



Today I am not writing about weddings but instead of a beautiful family that crossed the ocean to come to Portugal to celebrate her daughter Flavia’s 15th anniversary. It was a party that I had immense pleasure organizing, creating the whole decoration project and coordinating the day itself! For those who do not know the importance of this date, I start with a small introduction about the origin of the 15th Anniversary parties and this date in Brazilian traditions.

Debutante galas started in the European kingdoms ( France, England, Germany, Áustria). Noble families organized a big galas with the main goal of showing society that their daughters were becoming women. The origin of the word itself comes from the french word debut meaning beginning.

Completing 15th years old is important in a teenager’s life according to Brazilian traditions! It is a time when the young woman plans her future and idealize all her dreams. the day she celebrates 15th years old has a special meaning as it marks the transition from girl to woman.
The protocol is divided in two parts, first a mass and then the party.
Now let me describe how everything started and also the details how I have carefully organize princess Flávia’s party that took place on July 8th, 2015 in Cascais.

Karla, Flávia’s mother came to know me through the recommendation of some friends that were present at Isabelle and André wedding that took place in September 2014 in Lisbon.

They chose Portugal to have the party because Karla had lived here for two years and so she had a special place in her heart for the country. Secondly they are a catholic family that adore N. Sra de Fátima.

Karla contacted me 1 year in advance and we spend about 1 hour on the phone. It was a wonderful chat and at the same time relaxed enough so I could understand and connect with the wishes of mother and daughter which is essential for my work. At the time, Flávia’s only request was that the party take place in venue next to the sea in Lisbon or surroundings. Everything else: selection the professionals, the venue, the church, etc would be up to me since Karla said herself she trusted my style. (It’s so good when clients trust your work, right?)


After our conversation and a few emails to understand Flávia’s life story I realized I had a huge responsibility in hands. I decided to visit N Sra de Fátima church and as I look around the modern architecture of the church I concluded right away that would match the young spirit of a teenager. I decided to schedule right away the private mass for Flavia’s 15th anniversary. I also explained the motive of the celebration, the meaning of the date and that the whole group would travel from Brazil.

 Flávia at the church
Now that we had the church, the second priority was to choose the ideal venue for the party according to the client’s wishes – view to the ocean! For me it was also important that the venue would fulfill all my own requirements: elegance, flexibility, excelent services, beauty and well located. After visiting and analyzing some spaces what impressed me most was Cascais 5 star hotel “Grande Real Villa Itália”. Bingo, I could now cross out one more item!!! 😉

Next comes the least complicated part of the arrangements. To choose the professionals that would work with me and to design the decoration project. For the design I chose light colors to achieve a sweet and light atmosphere like Flávia. I also looked to custom the venue and use the must have of the season: a long table, which in my opinion brings people together. 


I was careful to chose Brazilian cakes and food to make sure the guests wouldn’t miss anything.


Overall everything was a success!

 Lugar da Flávia.
Was a hard and intense year of work to think in every small details. The logistics was much like a wedding and more important for me everything matched the client’s style and what they dream for it. Flávia deserved to have a MEMORABLE day!!! I think I manage to achieve this goal and you can see in the images and the teaser.
But I was only certain of the positive result when I receive a total of 3 feedback for the party. One by Whatsapp another by email and the third by phone from Karla as soon as they arrive back in Brazil. She was very emotional in thank me and my colleagues for all the
July 8th, 2015 was a beautiful day with emotional speeches from Flávia’s father, grandfather and the priest was amazing with everyone.

Flávia wear three different and amazing looks. One for the mass, another for the party and finally one for the waltz with a white dress suitable for a princess!blog14
The party was amazing, the food and drinks were delicious, the hotel staff were amazing and my colleagues super professionals!Thanaaaaaaaaaaak you all that work with me on this day!!!!!

The party was mega joyful and nobody stand still. Flávia and guests danced a lot!

 The photos tell their own tale. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I already miss this day and this blessed ans sweet family!
Til soon….
Valsa com o pai.
blog32  Making of
Vista do Grande Real Villa Itália


Organização do aniversário/Birthday organization : Do Pedido ao Altar

Projeto de decoração/Event design: Do Pedido ao Altar

Coordenação e assessoria/Day of party coordinator:Do Pedido ao Altar

Missa/Ceremony: Igreja N. Sra. de Fátima em Lisboa

Local/Reception Venue: Hotel Grande Real Villa Itália

Fotografia/Photography: Ctrl + N produções

Videofilmagem/Videography: Ctrl + N produções

Cabelo e maquilhagem/Hair + Makeup: Tareca d´Almeida:
Luciano Fialho:

DJ e Sax: Bix Eventos

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