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One of the most cherished memories I have from all the moments I spent with Cátia and Emanuel is surely that our first meeting!

You know those people with whom we feel comfortable at first sight and want to be hours and hours talking with? That was exactly how I felt with this couple…

One of the most romantic grooms I have ever met is called Emanuel Nicolau. He made sure to show me in his smartphone a video of the proposal e told me in detail how everything was organized to surprise Cátia.

For me it was wonderful to dive in the essence of these two people and get to know their hobbies, lifestyle and the planned move to a different country that was about to happen. As they were going to move to Mozambique, they decided to trust me with the planning of their wedding day.

There was a lot of emails back and forward, wonderful Facebook and Whatsapp conversations and everything moved forward naturally and successfully.

Close to the wedding day, the couple arrive from Mozambique and we had our second face-to-face meeting. I didn’t know when again I would have the opportunity to spend some good time with these two excellent people that became my friends.

The wedding day went so fast and looking back to the images I miss them even more…I wish you all the happiness. I love you. Till soon!

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Photos: Estúdios7