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Danielle & Alexandre

Danielle and Alexandre are Brazilians that live in Espírito Santo state in Brazil.

Dani’s father is Portuguese. His mother is Brazilian and they live in Amares, Braga district. Alexandre’s parents are both Brazilians and live in Brazil.

To homage her father, Danielle, the bride, chose Portugal to make some dreams come true…I will tell you how now how that happened in just three months.

Danielle found my work through Instagram and contacted me just 3 months before the wedding date. Yes, it is true! Imagine a mega relaxed bride, that is not hurry with anything, that person is called Danielle Fiorot!

We had our first meeting through skype and we exchanged a lot of ideas. That was when I had the chance to get to know her life story as well as her preferences. It was only when I realized that I had the responsibility not only to fulfill Danielle wishes but also her father’s.

Organize a wedding in just three months is no easy task, it requires a lot of experience and security from the event planner. In addition to that I was almost 700 km from the wedding’s venue. But as Danielle said in one of her whatsapps: “(…) I felt trust in you and also a lot of empathy, so I decided I wanted you with me right away (…)”.

I feel always very happy and proud when the couples want to deliver their dream day into my hands, independently of the distance I am from the event’s venue.

So that everything would turn out perfectly in such a short time span, one of my strategies was to invite to work with me in the big day high performance professionals which I consider to be in the Top in Portugal in their respective fields. And, without surprise the result was absolute perfection.

Well, Dani was already married with Alexandre by law eighteen years ago and from that love there was a beautiful couple of children. However, Danielle has always dream  of getting married in the church. For multiple reasons this dreams kept being postponed for some years. Together with that her father has always dreamed to walk his daughter down the aisle. With the help of God, both dreams came true on January 20th, 2018.

The chosen church was Santuário de N. Sra da Abadia at Santa Maria do Bouro parish in the city of Amares. The reception took place at Pousada Mosteiro, a few meters distance from the church.

The weather forecast for the day was rain, but I asked Saint Peter with faith not to let it rain and my prayers were met.

To design the decoration project for the church I took inspiration from the bride’s favor flower, the calla lily, known in Brazil as copo-de-leite and in Portugal as jarro. The result was a very elegant decoration highlighted by that flower in the church altar.

For the reception I created the personalized decoration project inspired in the Portuguese tiles, that made the atmosphere more colorful. The cake was made using the theme of portuguese tiles and the calla lily flower was highlighted throughout the party.

All the graphic material was made by the bride, since that is her second professional activity in Brazil and you can see in the photos below she gave a very special touch to the decoration project.

The food received a lot of praise and so as the hotel service.

The party was very lively and the couple as well as the guests danced a lot!

To close the reception, I prepared a firework show dedicated to Beatriz, Danielle’s daughter who had her birthday as well as to other birthday people in January who were pleasantly surprised with this “grand finale”!

Missing this memorable day…